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    Hi my name is Yadu (Keith).. I'm the senior production engineer at an Aerospace company in the uk. My main job duties are to create route cards and develop processes. Also I create CNC programs for the CNC machines. The Machine tools I program for are Haas SL30's we have three on site, we also Have a Haas VF2, Haas TM 1, a Mori Seiki AL2, a BSA Viper with 4 meters between centres, and a Daewoo Puma 2500SY. I am intrested in building a Mini desktop CNC lathe and mill. Mechanically I have lots of ideas, but a little unsure about motors, drivers, controllers and software to get it all going..
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  2. Hi Keith and welcome to the site. Well with those toys you should no problems with the mechanicals and there are plenty of people here to help with the electronics.

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