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    Hi, Although I have been using cnc routers for a number of years, mainly for a hobby making signs and working with wood, I have bought an old german made Isel router (1200x1000 and z clearance of 190mm) which I would like to convert with a new controller and software. The existing control setup is pretty ancient and not working so I have been trawling the internet for days looking for info. Although I am fairly competent with mechanics I have no experience of electronics so it is all very mind boggling although there are some great sites, including this one, with info and videos. I have downloaded Mach3 so I am trying to familiarise myself with that which again is mind boggling for me at present. I have a Gerber Dimension 200 router and the cotrol software, Artpath, is very simple to operate (if you search youtube for gerber dimension 200 I have a small video but beware the background noise)!! If I ever get the Isel up and running I will post a video of that on youtube, heres hoping, Thanks for all the great info on the site, Doug

  2. Hi Doug and welcome to the site. Plenty of help available here with the electronics and Mach3. Don't forget to document your conversion with a build log!

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    As promised, albeit a bit later than planned, a video of the refitted Isel. It was a huge learning curve for me to get this going but was immensely satisfying when it did work using Mach3 and cut2d from vectric both which I find great software to use. It would have not been possable without all the info available on the net in particular videos from buildyourcnc.com and sites like this. It has hardly stopped running since until yesterday when it seems 1 of the stepper drives has stopped working so waiting for a replacement to arrive hence the time to surf the net again, here is the link
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq-Ur...eature=related thanks again, Doug

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