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    My Dad has asked me to make him a sign board for his boat.

    My 1st thoughts were to make it out if a nice hardwood so off I went to some DIY stores and no luck... Then to the timber merchants and the same, plenty of decking and such but no unfinished hardwood planks.

    Next I turn to Google for some help. I have found some places that supply hardwood planks but not in my area so delivery was crazy for the small qtys I'm looking at.

    So anyone in the Manchester/Liverpool area who knows of a supplier near by with a range of hardwoods that I can collect from?

    Thanks in advance

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    Try a more precise google search "timber importers Manchester" take off the quotes


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    It might be better to find a friendly joiner, as they're likely to have suitable offcuts lying around, or point you in the direction of somebody who can supply what you want.

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    Thanks for the help guys I found a place called Illingworth Ingham they have 4 sites in the Manchester/Cheshire area.


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