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    Hello all,

    following reading your site for a while I thought that I would join and see if I can help anyone else as some of you Have helped my with your various posts.

    I am an Electronics engineer by trade, on the professional side I own a small engineering firm with CAD, Machining, Electronics design etc... So any suggestions for UK made products/ projects greatly appreciated ;o) (Hope that doesn't break the rules... just may help some DIYer's)

    I also have some of my "own machines", (Tormach etc) but have to say that the use of the larger machines for "home jobs" is some what of a perk of the job....

    I am guessing that many of you have read CNCzone, It would be great if we can generate the same level of resource for the UK as that is for the USA...

    I look forward to chatting with some of you...



  2. Hi James and welcome to the site. Certainly we aspire to CNCZone's depth and membership, though maybe not to some of its oddities or 'personalities'. Always happy to welcome 'professionals' on board. Whereabouts in Bristol are you (I used to frequent BAe in Filton and Aztec West for past sins and my brother lives in DownEnd)

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    Good afternoon, Well i live in redland and work in St-philips, I have to say that bristol is a great city, however the lack of machine shops is what drove me into the CNC world (again). "profesionals"... well what can i say that is all way subjective :o)... you never stop learning!!

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    Small World Irving ... My first job was with Rolls Royce in Filton and I lived in Downend ...
    Tim G-C

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    (attrib. Voltaire but written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall "The Friends of Voltaire" 1906)

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