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    Chas this would suggest then that the transformer is the main issue and would get another before doing anymore. As long as it is 24v DC then you could use a 24v din rail bell transformer. The type that powers a door bell. They are normally about an Amp or more. What is the coil rating of the contactor?
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    You shouldn't really need to worry about amps or ohms for most wiring.

    What you'll need to do is figure out where power is going, and where it's not.
    By the sounds of it, something has caused the old transformer to burnout, so I'd be inclined to install a fuse in secondary (tha't the low voltage) side wiring. A quick and simple fuse holder for testing purposes, are two 1/4" female spade connectors (ideally fully insulated, but uninsulated with a couple wraps of insulating tape will do) and a normal automotive blade fuse.
    What caused the transformer to burn out may be one of many things. A faulty switch, contactor, or a wire chaffed somewhere.

    What you need to do, is wire the new transformer, and then start seeing where you are getting power to, and where you're not.
    It'll obvisouly start at the transformer, go via the switch(es), through any safety interlocks, before arriving at the contactor.

    To help, get a sheet of paper, and make a rough wiring diagram of the bits you know as you go along. It doesn't need to be a work of art, or use the proper symbols, just something that you can understand, and make reference to as you check things. Start with the low voltage terminals of the transformer, and add lines/notes/components as you trace where the wires go.

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    Why not just contact SIEG and get a wiring diagram? Or failing that contact whoever imported the machine, assuming it wasn't a fly by night ebay seller.

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