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    Does anyone know what lead screws are used on the Super X1?
    Are they M12 x 1.75 for the X and Y axis and M10 x 1.5 for the Z? I have a Metric Super X1 but I think all X1s are metric and only the dials are changed to imperial.

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    Got a response from arceurotrade.co.uk

    Metric Machine:

    X & Y 12mm x 2.0mm pitch
    Z 10mm x 1.5mm pitch

    Imperial Machine:

    X & Y 12mm x 20 TPI
    Z 10mm x 16 TPI

    This is handy if you want to know how to tuning your motors. But remember that Imperial Machines use metric screws too!

  3. Nice one bruce, ill stick this up as a sticky for others to read :)

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