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    What's the difference between ticking the "Reverse" under Homing/Limits as opposed to marking the motors as Direction Low in the Ports and Pins?

    Both acheive the same result. But the Mach3 demo tells you to use the Ports and Pins setting.

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    Got an answer on the Mach3 group.

    A: Depends on your drivers.
    "Reverse" under Homing/Limits is correct for all drivers. (this however was a recent change)

    On some gecko drivers you use active low, on the others you do not.
    Gecko 203V- Active high
    G 201- Active low
    Haven´t tried 25x, 54x, but geckodrive says use active low. YES - It
    makes a difference.

    With some other boards, it may or may not matter.
    It may make your system work poorly/flaky if you do not use the correct
    setting !

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    The Gecko website tells you all about high and low settings, servos or steppers work better correctly set up.
    Once they are set up, you then use the "reverse" in ports and pins so when you press the X+,X-,Y+,Y-,Z+,Z-keys on your keyboard the axis goes the way you want it to on the machine. You can also do the same thing by swapping wires on the steppers for example, its just easier in software.

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