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    i'd like to introduce myself as Marko Bouman, owner of a small engineering company from dreumel the netherlands.

    since 2 years i'm owning a beaver tool room mill wich recently broke down.
    I would like to get in contact and follow andre from belgium since i am higly interested in refurbish and upgrade my mill to a CNC tool room mill as well.
    also i could use a lot of documentation from parts and the mill as well.

    i'm doing a lot of prototyping and for my parts i have to go bigger company's who are most of the time a)to expensive and b) lack time.

    also i would really like to see how andre is coming along.
    at a later point i will get a picture of my mill and post it here.

    looking forward to meet you, with regards, Marko

  2. Hi Marko and welcome to the site. We agree that Andre's work on his Beaver was impressive, it'll be interesting to see your upgrade...

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