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    Quote Originally Posted by wiatroda View Post
    Jonathan there is two grub screws and I used Truloc shaft retainer as well both on shaft collar and the top bearing. But the forces act on shaft up the spindle or sideways, but not down(trying to tear the shaft off from the spindle, if I can put it in this way). So far it worked well for quite few hours with no problems at all. If something changes I'll post info asap
    A heavy sideways load will cause the shaft to pull down if the shaft isn't secured well enough.
    How did you manage to preload the bearings if you only used grub screws?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by m_c View Post
    How did you manage to preload the bearings if you only used grub screws?
    The ER20 have threaded hole at the end (you may see it on web pics). I've just put another steel bush onto the shaft, put some load with screw pressing bearings towards each other. Truloc bounds within one hour, but I left it overnight. While I inserted a shaft seal on the coupling end, I left the other end without. The next day I filled spindle with oil leaving air gap that makes allowance for oil temperature expansion and then I put the seal on.
    The only thing I would change is to replace the whole strait shaft chuck for tapered one. Of course I would then have to change the whole design: instead of unscrew chuck nut to replace tool I would replace the whole chuck with another one. That would make it a bit faster and there would be no need for Z axis resetting or at least I would know the offset. I'm not sure my lathe would handle bigger dia bars, definitely not my budget. It's quite exiting idea to try to produce this kind of spindle thou.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by wiatroda View Post
    Recently I've made myself new spindle. two taper bearings, ER20 shaft, belt and motor. cheap and very good solution. You can see it at . Maybe this will help a bit
    Yes thats a very good solution ! I cant see the point in using routers etc when you know they wont stand the strain. However I saw that in some of the ads the spindles had threads thro the draw bar hole in the centre could this be used to retain the bearings and a pulley ?

    Any wanting to make from scratch could of course cast an aluminium bearing housing.

    Best regards Keith

  4. Quote Originally Posted by keith77777 View Post
    the draw bar hole in the centre could this be used to retain the bearings and a pulley ?

    Best regards Keith
    Keith, did you mean something like this ???
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SPINDLE BEARINGSwithpulley.jpg 
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    BTW, my grub screwed shaft collar is still keeping strong. Nothing got loose so far. While I'm writing this the machine is cutting out some profiles from 3mm mild steel :). Recently I had an idea to make CVT to transfer power from motor to spindle. Few problems are bugging me: high cost of materials to make a 150mm dia pulleys and availability of multi-speed belt( like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Web Goblin View Post
    I have had a look at various bearings for making a high speed spindle and they cost a small fortune. I can get a set of 15000rpm bearings for 40 for 4 so I might go that way and give it a try.

    Did you build one in the end Goblin?

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    no I never did get one built. As per usual ended up working on something else and the idea got scrapped. At the moment I can t get enough time to finish my rebuild, but I have started thinking about a diy VMC build.
    For some good news though I am off to Germany on Tuesday for the factory acceptance tests for the companies new 1M Laser. I cant wait to see it running.

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