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    [2 posts for the price of one]

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    The way you have it connected is probably the best. The other way would be what's called 'half coil' which, as the name suggests, only uses two out of the 4 coils in the motor. You'd then use the center white/yellow wires and BL / R. That, I think, would get the motors going faster - but with much less torque since the magnetic field is smaller due to using less coils. If I recall correctly the manual for the stepper drivers I use explains it:

    If not google is your friend.

    Before you were using 3.5 amps, now 3 amps so since power lost is I^2*R, that's 3^2/3.5^2 = 73% of the heat you had before.

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    LOL - are you two using ESP or am I missing some posts here?

    I've gleaned you have six wire motors and bi-polar drivers. Other than that it's impossible to say which wiring scheme would be best for you without knowing a) the torque curves and specs. of your motors (phase I, V, L etc.) and b) your PS specs. c) your driver specs. d) the demands/requirements of your system. You simply can't generalize.

    I think I've gleaned that you may or may not have a problem with something overheating, is that motors or drivers or what? and what do you regard as hot?

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    AHHH your getting all teci on me now LOL , yes will prob learn all the tec as i go along (usualy at some expence LOL)
    The original question was "is there a standard colour code to nema moters" Aparently not !
    I think the way they are wired is correct , least for the moment
    The heat was caused by runnin 3a motors at 3.5a turning the driver board down to 3a via the dip swiches solved it
    they where almost to hot to touch after 2/3 hours (there is no load on the motors just testing the setup)
    as for the final demands of the finished CNC , I just dont know M8 my intention is to build a CNC for roughting wood
    Its for mainly simple tasks not fine intricate work so going for .5mm acurate as a goal
    The set of motors in question are 4x nema 23 with 230oz torque
    A 4 axis toshiba board
    24v 14,4a power supplie
    The final goal is to build a practical CNC 900mm wide 3000m long with a working area of at least 2ft x 10ft aproxx
    I am a furniture maker and have a workshop and shop , there are 4 of us we mainly make fitted bedrooms and kitchens some bespoke furniture as well as sell furniture from the show room shop floor
    The cnc is my personal project but hopefully will develop in to a usefull tool for the work shop , I just dont have the money to buy a reddy made CNC and the buisiness cant aford it (times are ard M8)
    Ive only been leaning about CNCs for 2 months and got the bug big style
    YES the moters are too small for the BIG cnc also got a set of nema 32 880oz , board and power supplies ECT
    So now it looks like I am building 2 LOL
    This forum is great! and so helpfull and frendly , Thank you and every one for all the advise
    Shure I will cock up many times but thats all part of the fun

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    sorry stirling I posted but it dident work?
    I was the moters I was feeding 3.5a to 3a moters so they got quite hot LOL

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