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    sorry I misunderstood you as well. No I didnt fit one to the driver either. I remember speaking to one of the manufacturers techies and he said that it wasnt needed.


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    I had decided that I was fedup with using the keyboard to jog the machine around and started to look at the idea of using joystick controls for the X, Y and Z axis. The USBCNC control board I am using does not have any inputs for joysticks so I looked at a USB keyboard interface and I found this one. Which fitted nicely inside a spare enclosure I had. I emailed the supplier and outlined the requirements I needed and he customised the interface for me. Including postage it was around 32.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The box lid drilled out and one of the joysticks wired.

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    Both joysticks fitted to the lid.

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    The nearly completed controller apart from the labels. Need to change the size of them to fit the left side of the joystick without overhanging the side of the box.

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    There is no software to load, the USB port recognised the controller easily and it works perfectly alongside USBCNC V4.
    Now I have joystick control for all axis of my machine. Much easier than the keyboard. Also this gives me the option of portability as I can have the control box in hand when positioning the machine.



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    that's a bit clever Ian

    nice job


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    Now you just want it wireless!

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    Wireless? Now thats an idea. You do realise that I will probably spend most of tonight trying to figure out if I can make it happen!

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    Looks like it's either difficult or expensive:

    This should work with a bit of effort:

    Edit: It's rather slow though...
    Edit 2: Slightly cheaper but still silly money:

    Now we know why people just use wireless Xbox 360 controllers.

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    I would also need to get a power supply for the box as well preferably a rechargeable one. For the moment I will stick with the cabled version but in the future whos knows?


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    As the old saying goes "If it works, then modify it to make it better".
    I had a play with the usb keyboard interface I am using to get joystick control for my machine. The thing I was missing was feedrate control for jogging so decided to add some.
    The initial jog speed is 10% of full speed after the machine is homed which is a bit slow. I have added buttons to map the keys for 50% and 100% speed override to give me much faster jogging speed. I also changed the orientation of the controls to make it easier to hold and use. ( No wireless though )

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You can view a short video of it in action here :



  9. Looking good Ian, BTW i forgot about your pm ill reply to it later ;-)

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    The acceleration settings you have used look much too low to me. What have you set it to? Should be aiming for at least (roughly) 1m/s^2.

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