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    i wouldnt worry about it jonathan, just use it as you would and keep tabs on how hot the bearing housing gets, i still check mine now and again as im using them, its ony my high speed spindle that shows any signs of struggling and thats only if i push it to 30000/40000 rpm

    phils point is confirmed as all three spindles produce less bearing heat as time goes by
    I ran it at 3100rpm for 20 mins. The angular contact bearing was very slightly warm - helped no doubt by all the aluminum around it. The stator got a little warmer, still nothing to worry about.

    Managed to get 1.5kw out of the motor without it complaining.

    I'll have to buy one of these soon to run it at 6200rpm:

    or maybe

    Either way it's a lot of money.
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    Use a fine oilstone to de burr the slits in the collets as they can have tiny burrs which can be a cause of runout.

    When checking the runout it the collet mark the high or low point so you can see that they are in the same place vertically when you measure both positions.


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    Jonathan i have just seen the pictures of a sample of the cut produced by your machine with the spindle.

    All i will say is you have balls of steel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by M250cnc View Post
    Jonathan i have just seen the pictures of a sample of the cut produced by your machine with the spindle.

    All i will say is you have balls of steel.
    What did I do wrong this time?

    Part was securely didn't move. I raised it up to stop the Z axis bending too much and took light cuts.

    Thanks for the tip about deburring the collets - I'll try that.

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    sorry for my bad english but you'v understood:i am french
    i was very interested by your post
    and am planning to put one BLDC motor on my home made CNC
    can i ask you what kind of alim (not batteries)are you using for these motors and controller?
    something like 24 or 48v and 40amp
    i would be able to make one if i had a plan
    thank you for your reply

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    Currently I am using batteries, since I don't have a big enough transformer or power supply to run that motor.

    One option is to get a toroidial transformer, such as one of these:

    Alternatively it may be possible to put multiple cheap computer ATX power supplies in series to get the desired voltage.

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    thank you
    for your fast reply Jonathan

    i'll see that !!
    I have not yet recieved my chucks

    Thank you

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    I just started doing something similar.
    Only I chose a ER11 C8 L100 spindle. When I got the bearings, I discovered why the spindle was so cheap! The shaft is not parallel. The spindle falls into the bearing with no effort at all. 8.00mm at collet end to 7.93mm over the length.
    These spindles must be quality rejects. Thank God for adhesive!!.

    I found a bloke in New York who makes spindles for PCB mill & drill.
    You'll find detailed photos of the parts -- makes reverse engineering so easy.....

    Where the Light was kept during the Dark Ages

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    hi all, ive been following all the diy spindle projects here with interest. a quick Q' do all of you run BESC's for your motors? ive been looking at hobbyking but their units dont seem to specify as besc or standard esc.

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