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    Hi all from the west midlands

    I have been in toolmaking & engineering since i left school (1986) starting as an apprentice toolmaker involved with making pressure and gravity dies working my way up to technical / production manager of a press toolmaking company until the economic meltdown.

    Me and a former work colleague started our own toolmaking / engineering company (in it's 3rd year) mainly designing and making presstools, jigs and fixtures although we are happy to make just about anything. We currently employ 2 toolmakers.

    The CNC's we currently have are a Hurco 4020 VMC and a Sodick 275 wire eroder. Software we use is Onecnc xr4 mill expert, we program, set and run these ourselves leaving the toolmakers free to assemble the tooling.

    We also have the usual manual machines i.e. bridgeports, lathe, radial drill, power press, J&S 540's, FLT and a DEA Mistral CMM (not cnc controlled)

    Hopefully i will be able to contribute as much as i'll probably ask


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