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    I am a newbie in the CNC World
    I am going to retrofit an CNC to and would realy like your advice J
    The mil i have chosen is the Super X1L Mill (Long Table) from
    To mount the steppers i need mounting kit and the best i have found is from www.cncfusion.com
    the Micro-Mill CNC kit #1 there is one thing. I live in Denmark and here we have at import tax on 40% on anything importet from USA. Do any of you know any place in Europe that sells a comparative set ?
    And the electronics i have chosen comes from www.diycnc.co.uk/
    It is the system 3+ with the ekstra DRV25M (DRIVER25PS)board so i later can build a fourth axis on later
    I have chosen 3 stepper motors (3 Nm Stepper motors NEMA 23) an a coresponding powersuply also from diycnc
    Does any of this sound wrong to you am i missing something?
    The thing that i would like the most i an usb based system but i have only found one NC4BU-KIT from techlf, but they are a little expensive and it only works with their own software..

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    Hi Finrod,

    The System 3 will not be powerful enough for the 3Nm steppers, I know because I asked Roy at DIYCNC. You really need to be looking at the kit from Zapp Automation (Driver Kit 1) for your application.

    I bought the Optoport from DIYCNC, really nice fully opto-isolated breakout board with charge pump and spindle/coolant relays onboard.

    I bought the Driver1 kit from Zapp, 3x MDS 542 drivers which are superb, 2 PSU's which will give you enough reserve power to add a 4th axis in the future (like I will) and 3X3Nm Nema23 frame steppers. Can't recommend Zapp highly enough or Roy at DIYCNC, both have been very helpful.

    For USB, you really need to look at a Smoothstepper which will run with Mach3. Just plugs into yout breakout board and that's all there really is to it. Bruce Miranda on this site was selling one up to a couple of days ago, drop him a PM see if it is still available. Gary at Zapp also said he was considering importing them. I imported mine from the USA and it cost about 120 with taxes etc.
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Welcome to the forums Finrod !

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