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    Good day men,

    I work full time in heavy engineering industry where 8 hours of the day is wasted away dealing with mundane tasks that get me through until after tea time, then I can play machines (assuming I'm allowed by HWMBO).

    I currently have a well equipped workshop with all manuel machines. My fascination with CNC comes from watching them make complicated parts seem effortless.

    I also am lucky to own a working CNC Boxford VMC260 Mach3 (bought it already converted). My current task is to convert 240TCL, wish me luck.

    I am currently building a 6" scale Garrett steam tractor, so CNC's will help me machine some of the more complicated or repetitive parts.

    Kind regards

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    Welcome to the site, your membership has been approved and you now have full access.

    Please post your questions in the correct forums for the best assistance.


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