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    Hi everyone,

    I have been a boardgame designer for 2 years. Initially I handmade my games from metal. Then I found a wood company in China. Wood is a much better material for the game but I have never been satisfied with the finish quality so now I am toying with the idea of attempting to make the game in wood myself with the aid of a desk top cnc machine like the 3040T from HK (about 1000).
    I'm am a complete and utter novice when it comes to cnc, so please be gentle witn me!


  2. Hi there and welcome to the site. I've seen CNC used to make chessmen, but this sounds something more. Why not post up some pictures in this forum so we cal all see what you're trying to do.

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    Thanks, I have posted in the thread you suggest, and I have included a picture. I look forward to learning about the world of CNC!

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