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    Hi all,

    I just collected a cnc machine that I won on ebay.

    Initially I will be working with 3.6mm ply. I need to cut out 60mm circles, 72mm squares and make 1mm grooves.

    A 3mm end mill came with the machine is it a good tool to cut ply?

    I imagine it is better to get the tooling set up right before starting to try and make cuts so can anyone advise me...
    1)what tool would be best to cut out circles/squares in 3.6mm ply?
    2)What tool would be best to cut a 1mm wide groove, 1.5mm deep
    3)What speed should be set for the spindle?
    4)What speed should I set for the spindle to track around the toolpath?
    5)Can 3.6mm be cut in one pass?


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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    what machine did you get in the end gavin? if you dont mind me asking.
    We can't safely answer question 5 without knowing!

    1) If you want to do it in one cut, then at least 3mm I think.
    2) Does it have to be only 1mm? 1mm tools are not cheap and your feedrate will be limited. If you really need a 1mm groove then a circular saw/slitting saw would be faster.
    3) Depends on the size of the tool. In general the smaller the tool the higher the spindle speed. If the tool gets too hot reduce the spindle speed. Google it.
    4) Depends on the diameter of the tool, depth of cut and all sorts, again google it.
    5) Depends on how rigid your machine is. But probably yes.

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    I don't mind chip :-)

    I won this routout machine...

    which meant I finally got round to putting a lock on the shed.

    I should be able to tweak the game to allow for a 2mm groove. Anyway, I just ordered a 2mm left-hand spiral flute from Can you tell I'm eager to get going?
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  4. Are far as cost on 1mm endmills and any wood based cutting, I would strongly suggest Sorotec, as a source that is not extremely expensive and let them know if you are VAT registered. The smaller the diameter the less you can cut in one pass and speed is still and issue. With a 2mm single flue I am cutting at a max of 400mm/min with a cutting area of 1.25mm depth and .75 mm step over.

    If you are willing to invest a bit for some tools to help you over the learning curve, I would strongly suggest G-Wizard as it has helped me get a much better grip and understanding of feeds and speeds.

    I, in no way benefit from the mention of these companies and am only a very satisfied client of both.


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    I will try those values for the 2mm bit. What is step over? seems fairly reasonable. Does anyone here buy cutting bits off ebay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubikoman View Post
    I will try those values for the 2mm bit. What is step over? seems fairly reasonable. Does anyone here buy cutting bits off ebay?
    Step over is the distance you move the cutter into the material for each subsequent cut. It defines the width of the cut. It is often expressed as a percentage of the cutter diameter.

    However for this particular excercise you're just cutting a slot in one pass, so stepover isn't really relevant. Effectively it's 100% stepover though...

    I've bought the odd cutter off eBay. Nice and cheap except for the postage and sellers do seem to insist on using fast postage when, personally, I don't think it's always necessary!

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    Update; cut a few boards, wow this machine is brilliant...broke a couple of bits...

    This is now a CNC project so I will post updates elsewhere.

    Thanks for all the help, I know I'm going to need loads more too!

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    As your learning try this link the 1/8" cutters JohnS showed are superb for the money and at only a 1 almost throw away!!

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    Thanks everyone for your help.
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