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    Hi, i recently got a leitz router bit 2nd hand that i intended to use for trenching on strings.
    When i tried to put it in my router i realized the shank is slightly smaller than the standard shank, its slightly under 11.5mm.
    I cant seem to find anything on the size of this shank but when i look on the leitz site it does a lot of cnc bits.
    So my question is, is this a bit for a cnc machine.

    photos attached if you want to see it

    Thanks for any replies!!
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    Can anybody confirm this is a cnc shank size????

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    It could be that Leitz provide their own custom collets, for their own custom shanks sizes, lets see what we can find...

    A quick look on their website found this link: 5. Cutting tools with shank

    If you confirm the Collet Chuck, they provide information on each and also a list of spare parts for the Chucks.

    It looks as though they offer shank sizes from 6-24.5mm, what type of router have you got?

    Cant confirm if it is a "cnc shank size" as cnc stands for? (Computer Numerical Controlled) :naughty:.


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    Thanks for your answer! measured the shank in decent light and it is actually a 12mm shank, thought that was a bit of an odd measurement (maybe my tape stretched when i first measured it lol).
    Im using a makita 3612.

    Thanks for the link, didnt think to look at cnc collets. it does mention 12mm so guess its a cnc bit then.
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    No problem, so the next question is...

    Can you get a 1/2" Collet for the Makita and how well will it hold a 12mm shank (0.7 discrepancy) ?

    You may get away with locking the collet nut nice and tite to take up that .7, however to save all the trial and error could you not use a cutter with a shank size you do have a collet for. Cutter diameter isn't critical here is it?, it shouldnt be because you could use a smaller cutter and make more pass's to get the finished trench width?


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