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    I have just bought a golmatic md24 cnc mill and mach 3 on a machmotion pc tounchscreen controller but as i am new to 'hobby cnc machining' i am interested in getting some on-site training in optimising it and using it in practice.

    I use inventor and inventorcam at the front end and still need to get them in to do the postprocessor config.

    I am happy to pay reasonable rates for someone experieinced in this.



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    Hi Kevin,

    Are you sure you need to pay someone as most people just learn as they go and ask questions when they get stuck.

    Trying to learn too much in one go also means what you learned at the beginning is forgotten as you are taught more and more stuff as the day goes on your brain gets tired.

    How good are you with the cad/cam software ?


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    I have already attended training courses on Inventor and InventorCAM so am OK with those 'theoretically' so its mainly the following I want to focus on:

    1. Checking and optimising the drive settings, etc of the current installation to ensure best accuracy, smoothness, etc. Pro Machine Tools were not very familiar with Mach.

    2. The Golmatic MD24 can convert from mill to lathe mode and also has a 4th axis so ensuring they all work correctly with conversational code and also G-code coming from the CAM system.

    3. General 'end to end' training on machining a basic demo with 2 sides and maybe 4th axis part from start to finish (lathe and mill).

    I think a couple of days would do the trick and give me the grounding to work on from there on. It also gets you over those initial 'hurdles' faster I find.


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    Hi Kevin,

    Have you looked at customising your cam post processor for Mach3 a good starting point is the Fanuc

    Some cam software is notoriously difficult to edit the PP and you have to go back to the software developers to customise it for you.

    I am 50 miles from Bray so much closer than someone from the USA :lol:

    I would suggest just getting the machine setup/moving correctly on one visit then another visit to run some code and answer the numerous questions you will have.

    I use a professional cad/cam software setup for the mill and lathe both of which i converted myself. So i could use my software to run on your machine.

    If you want to make me an offer, PM me.


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    The machine is generally working ok but i am still waiting for delivery of the 4th axis and inventorcam still owe me a days work to come to site and configure the pp.

    I told them about starting with fanuc but they dont know mach very well and suggested if a mach 'expert' was to hand to help if needed then this would make the process run smoother.
    As i mentioned i dont know mach or use of mills/ lathes too well (newbie hobbyist ).

    Maybe you could pm me your tel no and then we can have a chat


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