Hi to all, hope the year has started well for you. I have been long term unemployed and come from a background of programming financial applications. I have been made an offer from a friend about a position at his small firm regarding a semi skilled position, with office work included and also if capable learning to do basic CNC. Now I fully understand the engineering knowledge is really going to be the stumbling block here, knowing turning speeds etc for various metals and many many other issues along the way. In life sometimes a challenge comes along and it excites you enough to want to face it head on. This is one of those occassions. So now I find myself, an innocent, almost virginal, hoping to move into a field that many of you have forgotten more than I wiil probably learn. I need a fast route to this learning curve, ( I will have engineers with many years experience around me and I will be able to ask them questions, and Im not shy about doing so, and have no qualms asking the most simplistic of questions and listening to advice), Im wondering if any of you know any training manuals, online courses, that I could do to try and achieve this. Grateful for any positive advice.