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    Hi all I just received a Boxford TLC 125 that I bought of ebay.

    Unfortunately somebody has already disassembled the ball screw bearings (luckily not the actual ball nut) on re assembly they have managed to get a really notchy feel in the end bearings. I looked on the boxford website under spares http://www.boxford-software.com/spar...BallScrews.php the description there seems to indicate that I should have a needle roller thrust bearing in the assembly somewhere. However my end block (part TCL-05-012A at the above link) has two deep groove ball bearings pushed into it. Can anybody tell me what I should actually have in there and in what order they go. For instance should I have two ball bearings and the thrust bearing ? should I have two of part BR-AS0619 ?

    Any links to drawings or documention would be a great help I recieved absolutely no papaerwork with the lathe.



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    HI, unfortunatly i cannot answer this quesstion but it would be good to see any drawings of the machine if anybody does have them

    There is a company on the tinterweb that retro fits TCL 125 but i havent even herd back from them

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    in the larger boxfords they have two angular contact bearings opposite each other to locate the ballscrew in the top plate.

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