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    Hello, I am new to CNC and have seen a machine advertised on Ebay (STRONG 1212DS) which will need importing from China. Can anyone give any advice on either the machine or importing stuff. Anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    I have bought small new items from China, when they are sent they mark the customs sticker that the item is a gift or promotional item to avoid any duty being paid.
    You might not get away with doing that with a CNC (router?) So you should expect to pay import duty/ tax on the item at least.
    Quite often things from china are generic products that various companies buy and just stick their logo or brand on it, you may find your machine imported and sold by someone somewhere, with their brand name on it.

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    Oh right i see. Thanks for that, that's quite interesting actually cos i am sure i have seen a different make machine that looks identical. Have done quite a bit of post reading on various forums now and to be honest i think i am gonna avoid the chinese market. Although the prices are great, the risk is just too high. My main worry being getting hold of parts etc. My attention has now turned to the Heiz machines. Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fusionkid View Post
    You might not get away with doing that with a CNC (router?) So you should expect to pay import duty/ tax on the item at least.
    It says on the site that you won't get away with it if the sender is clearly a company address, so I doubt that will work for a router.

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    I'm a newbie too and don't know enough to advise on machines etc. But maybe if you contact the chinese manufacturer and ask if they supply anyone in the UK/europe you could possibly source the same machine from a (relatively) local retailer. Have you tried googling the model no. on it's own?

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    Funnily enough i had an email from the chinese company this morning responding to my request of UK sales information. Sure enough they listed 4 or 5 people who i have now sent emails to asking there opinion. Have just had one reply saying that the machine, whilst not brilliant, certainly does the job and that overall he is very happy with the whole deal. Yet to hear from the others but am now finding myself leaning back towards the chinese market as the prices cannot be simply ignored. Tell you something though, since i have started learning about all the available machines (been at it about 3 weeks now), its occured to me that there is a mind boggling list of things you have to consider! My head is starting to hurt! I wonder if i will ever be able to make a decision lol!

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    For what it's worth.
    Guy I know in Loughborough bought one similar to this , might even be from the same company.
    Very, very well made. Has a design computer and it talks to the machine over a hand held pendant, no computer on the actual machine.

    He was having problems with it scaling his items and was working it out with the company but I don't know the outcome.

    He did go visit someone in Birmingham who had the larger 8 x 4 machine and they had no problems with it.

    John S.
    John S -


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