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    This is the problem everyone mentioned, you are buying from someone who cannot speak English he cannot confirm what is supplied how would anyone know what you are gonna get.

    In the main water cooled spindles have an inverter but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case.

    I was thinking about taking of the fan in a standard router encasing it in a water cooled jacket to cool it and so cut down the noise.

    Looking at the link you are gonna get an air cooled spindle of 300W and we already pointed out that that machine is too small for a water cooled spindle.


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    I bought one of these machines around 3 weeks ago and it seems pretty good. I looked through the youtube vids (some are here and the guy who uploaded it is a DT teacher in Australia and was very helpful in assisting with the set up(I didnt quite grasp motor tuning). I bought it based on his review of the machine but from a UK supplier.

    So far it has made a few nice PCBs and couple of 3d reliefs in MDF and I havent had any trouble except figuring out what type of tool does what :)

    CNCDIY will mark the package as a gift, a friend ordered a different size machine and paid only 13 VAT.

    On another note without high jacking this thread, where do I buy sheet wood from(pine, birch, oak etc) Im not having much luck and MDF is boring ;)

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