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    I am now looking at or for a small mid desktop milling machine with a auto tool changer.
    Would like if poss for it to be R8 fittings.
    The bed size would like to be x300-500mm y300-400mm z300-400
    I dont know a lot about what machines are out there but DO need the tool changer.
    Now for a lathe would like up to 300-400 between centres and a tail stock.
    I turn very thin work 8.5mm over 180-250mm out of brass and ally. Thiswould also need a tool changer.

    Does anyone out there know of somthing that could fill that spec?

    If so please post and a like to your suggestion

    Many thanks Rik

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    Rik with a cutting area that size you are looking at a Bridgeport and that is not a desktop.

    For a toolchanger R8 is a no no unless you use the TTS system, i think DENFORD made some mills with a toolchanger but you need to make sure the holders are still available. The holders have to be one taper with a pull stud to hold them in place.

    Lathes don't have toolchangers per sa they use a carousel, for the lenghts you will be turning you will need a tailstock with a revolving centre and it is debateable whether the carrosel would be able to rotate while the tailstock is in place.

    I thought of making one for my lathe but you can only have up to six stations if your lucky more with a bigger lathe and i use over 30 tools so it wasn't worth it.


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    for the lathe a Denford orac would be a good buy, and there's a guy who does a toolchanger for it with 8 stations, the mill is going to be a big un, unless you could get away with a router.

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