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    Easily holds thin material for machining and easy repetitive ability.

    Holding down thin sheet material can be quite tricky. Multiple clamps can be used but they are time consuming to setup and quite often get in the way while machining. If you need to repeat the operation multiple times you are more likely to introducing errors with positioning. The Clamptable is simply a block of 12 mm thick aluminum with threaded holes in a 20 mm grid and fixing holes to bolt the unit to the milling machine bed. I have chosen a size of 120 X 200 mm but could easily be made larger or smaller as desired.

    The other part of the table consists of the clamp bars. There are two types, a fixed bar and an adjustable slide bar.

    By using two fixed bars at right angles to give a fixed reference point and an adjustable slide bar on the opposite edge, you can easily repeat work over and over. There are two Clamp table nc files to drill the hole matrix. It is recommended that you first use a 2.5mm center drill drilling to a depth that will open up the ends of the holes slightly. The will help in tapping the holes and prevent raising of metal on the block surface. The second nc file will drill fully through the block. The third file will machine the ends and slots. You can open up the extra end holes manually by hand if required.

    The clamp bars are made from 25 mm or 1” X 1/4 material for the fixed bars and 32 mm or 1 1/4” X 1/4 for the adjustable clamps. Three edges of the bar are stepped in 1 mm increments allowing for different material thickness adjustment.
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    Table code files

    These files are saved as text files and have been hand written for maximum performance. Rename them to a nc format required.

    These files were updated on 31/8/07

    Drill File 1
    N10 (Clamptable drill file 1)
    N40 (modified V1.1 32/8/07)
    N50 (2.5mm Centre drill set to 3mm clearance)
    N60 G0 G49 G40 G17 G80 G50 G90
    N70 M6 T4
    N80 G21 (mm)
    N90 M03 S2000
    N100 G00 G43 H4 Z3
    N110 G00 X0 Y0
    N120 G91
    N130 G83 X30 Y10 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N140 G91 X20 Y0 L7
    N150 G83 X0 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N160 G91 X-20 Y0 L7
    N170 G83 X0 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N180 G91 X20 Y0 L7
    N190 G83 X0 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N200 G91 X-20 Y0 L7
    N210 G83 X0 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N220 G91 X20 Y0 L7
    N230 G83 X0 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N240 G91 X-20 Y0 L7
    N250 G90
    N260 G83 X10 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N270 G83 X10 Y100 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N280 G83 X190 Y100 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N290 G83 X190 Y20 Z-5 Q2 R2 F50
    N300 G90
    N310 G00 X0 Y0 Z3
    N320 M5 M9
    N330 G90
    N340 M30
    Drill File 2
    Milling profile
    N10 (CLAMP TABLE PROFILE MACHINING / CRH Electronics Design)
    N15 (Revised 6/9/07)
    N20 G90
    N30 M06 T01
    N40 G21 (metric)
    N50 M03 S1200
    N60 G0 Z3 (clearance height)
    N70 G00 X0.0 Y0.0 (Start point)
    N80 G0 X-6 Y-4
    N90 G1 Z-1.5 F100
    N100 G17
    N110 M98 P1 L5 (call sub)
    N130 G90 G0 X-6 Y-4
    N140 G1 Z-3
    N150 M98 P1 L5 (call sub)
    N160 G90 G0 X-6 Y-4
    N170 G1 Z-4.5
    N180 M98 P1 L5 (call sub)
    N190 G90 G0 X-6 Y-4
    N200 G1 Z-6
    N250 M98 P1 L5 (call sub)
    N260 G90 G0 z3
    N290 G0 X206.0 Y-4 (Start point)
    N300 G1 Z-1.5 F100
    N310 G17 G91
    N320 M98 P2 L5 (call sub)
    N330 G90 G0 X206.0 Y-4
    N340 G1 Z-3
    N350 M98 P2 L5 (call sub)
    N360 G90 G0 X206.0 Y-4
    N370 G1 Z-4.5
    N380 M98 P2 L5 (call sub)
    N390 G90 G0 X204.0 Y-4
    N400 G1 Z-6
    N410 M98 P2 L5 (call sub)

    N480 G90 G0 z3 (start slots)
    N490 G0 Y60 X204
    N500 G91
    N510 M98 P3 L6 (call sub)
    N520 G90
    N530 G0 Z3
    N540 G0 X-6
    N550 G1 Z-6
    N560 G91
    N570 M98 P4 L6 (call sub)
    N580 G90
    N590 G0 Z3.0
    N600 G0 X0 Y0 (back to start)
    N610 M30
    N620 (end)
    O1 (Y path sub)
    N630 G91
    N635 G1 X2
    N640 G1 Y128
    N650 G1 X2
    N660 G1 Y-128

    N680 M99
    O2 (Y path sub)
    N690 G91
    N695 G1 X-2
    N700 G1 Y128
    N710 G1 X-2
    N720 G1 Y-128

    N740 M99
    O3 (right hand slot)
    N750 G1 Z-1
    N760 G1 X-14
    N770 G04 P1000
    N780 G1 X14
    N790 M99
    O4 (left hand slot)
    N800 G1 Z-1
    N810 G1 X14
    N820 G04 P1000
    N830 G1 X-14
    N840 M99

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    Clamp bar files

    The two files below are for the fixed and slotted bars.

    File A will drill the holes and File B is to cut the five slots. The 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm step lips can be done manually or cut to different depths for your own requirements.

    Hole File A
    N10 (Clamptable BAR file 3)
    N40 (T4 2.5mm Centre drill set to 3mm clearance)
    N50 G0 G49 G40 G17 G80 G50 G90
    N60 M6 T4
    N70 G21 (mm)
    N80 M03 S2000
    N90 G00 Z3 Y0 X0
    N95 G43 H4
    N100 G91
    N110 G83 X10 Y12.5 Z-5 Q2 R1 F50
    N120 G91 X20 Y0 L4
    N130 G90 G0 z3
    N135 G0 x0 y0

    N140 M6 T5
    N150 (T5 3MM TWIST DRILL)
    N160 G00 G43 H4 Z3
    N170 G91
    N180 G83 X10 Y12.5 Z-7 Q1.5 R1 F50
    N190 G91 X20 Y0 L4
    N195 G90 G0 z3
    N200 G0 x0 y0
    N210 M5 M9
    N220 G90
    N230 M30
    Slot File B
    N20 ( CRH Electronics Design)
    N30 (Use 3mm slot drill)
    N40 (Bottom left reference point)
    N50 G90
    N60 M06 T01
    N70 G21 (metric)
    N80 M03 S1200
    N90 G0 Z3 Y0 X0 (clearance height)
    N110 G90 (start slots)
    N120 G0 Y7 X10
    N130 G0 Z0
    N140 G91
    N150 M98 P3 L3 (call sub)
    N160 G90 G0 Z3
    N170 G0 Y7 X30
    N180 G0 Z0
    N190 G91
    N200 M98 P3 L3 (call sub)
    N210 G90 G0 Z3
    N220 G0 Y7 X50
    N230 G0 Z0
    N240 G91
    N250 M98 P3 L3 (call sub)
    N260 G90 G0 Z3
    N270 G0 Y7 X70
    N280 G0 Z0
    N290 G91
    N300 M98 P3 L3 (call sub)
    N310 G90 G0 Z3
    N320 G0 Y7 X90
    N330 G0 Z0
    N340 G91
    N350 M98 P3 L3 (call sub)
    N360 G90
    N370 G0 Z3
    N390 G0 X0 Y0 (back to start)
    N400 M30
    N410 (end)
    O3 (right hand slot)
    N10 G1 Z-1.1 F50
    N20 G04 P2000 (DWELL 2 SECONDS)
    N40 G1 Y18
    N50 G1 Z-1.1
    N60 G04 P2000
    N70 G1 Y-18
    N80 M99
    Short video of cutting the slot bar

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