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    I have decided to start a project to design and get manufactured my own yoyo.

    The yoyo will be made most likely using 7075 grade aluminium (or something similar, depending on weight). Will have a diameter of 55mm Width 45mm weight of 65-66g with a fairly standard curved shape.

    Shape similar to:

    It would also need a groove for silicone (for response) and a bearing seat + hole for the axel:


    So you now have an idea of what im trying to achieve.

    Where's best for me to start? I realise its going to be a lot of work and im going to have to spend a lot of time reading and researching which is fine by me but have no idea where to start?

    I work for an architects (IT Manager) so have access to AutoCAD if that helps... I'm thinking that it might pay to get someone else to do the technical drawings to make sure they are spot on.

    Will I find people on this forum that will create drawings for such things for a fee?

    Another key part is going to be the machine work. As they are quite precise and small changes can make massive differences during play there will most likely be a few prototype stages to get it perfect. I understand its going to be an expensive process but will be worth it in the end and have no doubt once all is sorted I will be able to make my money back on sale without a problem.

    So, silly question no doubt, I assume this forum is full of people who are able to do this kind of work?

    Any ideas of how much prototypes etc would cost would be great?

    I would also be more than happy if theres someone out there who has all the equipment and would be interested in joining my in my project, helping with drawings and machining. It would obviously keep costs down a lot for me but I would in turn for the help etc give a share of all profits. Anyone interested shoot me a PM.

    So, there's my essay. Any thoughts at all would be very welcome and if you would like any more info just ask.

    Hopefully this is the right kind of forum for this!! :P

    Thanks :)
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    hi'ya xiztrn, attach. is just a quick rendition, let us know what you think :tup: kelef
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    Hi Dan

    A little video of my Yo yo interpretation http://www.screencast.com/t/HJHiNsQUlt

    PM sent


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    That looks great kelef! At the moment, M250cnc is helping with the project and doing a great job :) I appreciate the work you have done and will maybe call upon your help for another design once we have worked on and completed the first yoyo :)

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    Also, for those that dont really know what the sport of yoyoing is like these days (not just up and down anymore... far from it!) here is the current world champion:

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    kool xiztrn, and from what I seen of M250CNC's input around the net, you're in very good hands-kelef

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    Going to necro an old thread here...

    Got some amazing help from Phil and even to the stage where he had designed the yoyo and made the first prototype which was great, he then became uncontactable and therefore the whole thing sadly came to a sudden end.

    I would very much like to try again the get a UK manufactured Yo-Yo made and sold and believe getting the help from someone who has a passion in CNC machining would aid in making it a much finer product. I would need assistance with both the CAD designs and machining.

    I do not expect any of this to come for free at all, I am more than willing to pay for the services.

    If this is something that would interest you please either reply or send me a PM and we can discuss further.

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    An example CAD drawing of a successful yoyo. This yoyo is produced by a company called One Drop, thought it may help to give you guys a better understanding.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    hei'ya xiztrn, glad to see your project is still on the go- l'll pm u later, with my email and a rendition of your e.g. if you would like have a good'n kelef

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    Hey! Didnt expect you to still be around after all this time :) Not so much 'still on the go' nothing has happened for a year and a half+ but very keen to get the ball rolling again and make this happen!

    Sure, fire me a PM later :)

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