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    Hello to you all. I'm completely new to the world of CNC.

    I design websites, but i also have an interest in something i've been itching to do for years. I'm only just finding out exactly what CNC machines are capable of and its really opened up my options.

    Where would i start to learn about CNC programming. Also what software do most CNC machines use...?

    I would very much like to get into programming CNC, and just wanted some helpful hints on where i would start.

    Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki Design View Post
    Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Just have a read of the trials & tribulations in the forum

    Machine build threads, getting software to work threads

    That should keep you going for a while

    Welcome aboard


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    Thanks Phil, i was doing lots of reading last night on the forum. Onecnc sounds like you really rate it. I guess what i really need is a machine shop in Essex i can hire for a day here and there. I would need to find a machine shop, then find out what software they use on what machines then get a copy of the software and learn it.

    I think this is probably my best bet, don't suppose any shops hire out shop time...?

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    Health & safety rules being what they are you stand no chance.

    Also no machine shop will let an inexperienced user use their machines.

    Your best bet is a home user who may show you some machining.

    Yes I love my OneCNC


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    Hi'ya Wiki Design, PM me your e-mail add. for a little bed side reading, it's to big to post here, hope it helps kelef

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    Hi Kelef, i have sent you the PM.

    Many thanks.


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