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    Hello everyone.My name's Michael,from Long Eaton,Nottingham.I'm completely new to cnc, but willing to learn that difficult art.My question to all of you here is,can anyone from my area would be interesting in train me?must mention that had a little experience at manual turning lathes from school,very basic.I'm a honest ,hard working person,ready to put an effort to gain skills,a fast learner and relaible.I'm 28 years old , and Polish - if thats matters to you.I'm open to any suggestions.Thank you all for any info and tips.

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    I'm fairly close to you, so could help if you're interested. I've got a CNC mill and router myself and a lathe.
    Could you give any more details? Have you already got a CNC machine for instance?

    You can learn a lot by just reading about the subject on forums like this, or CNCzone.
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    Hello Jonathan,and thanks for your reply,so far you're the only one.Yes,I'm interested obout help at any form,would be great if someone could show me some basics and direct me in a good way.I don't have any machine,I'm still green about cnc,but willing to learn.What details would you like to know?


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