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    Hmmm. Personally, I think I'd consider liasing with a plastics injection firm. i.e. you supply the moulds (made to suit their machine) and they do the squirtin'.

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    Last time I had a mould made in Taiwan it was for a little rubber keypad. IIRC the mould was 4k, the keypads were 7p each/5k pcs, which included the contact pills and legend print.

    Over here they would skin you for the mould, then skin you again when they squirted it.

    Over there they only skin you once :naughty:
    Forget cockle picking in Morecambe bay...if I was a Chinese "Mr Big", I'd smuggle in a few guys who can whack out an injection mould in short order here in the UK ....."back of the net"!

    Seriously, if this Govt want to really want a "march of the makers"...then they'd better sort out a way that "the makers" can get small plasticy bits made without having to donate a kidney.

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