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    Anyone ever used the CIB Industrial Control Interface board from Zapp Automation with Mach3 software?
    What do people think of the board?




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    Ant never used that board, but it should not be used with stepper drivers that have opto-isolation as well.

    Industrial control interface AKA breakout board


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    What is opto-isolation?


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    Quote Originally Posted by antsals View Post
    What is opto-isolation?
    Instead of there being a direct electrical connection between the computer and the driver the connection is effectively split with light bridging the gap. The opto-isolator uses an LED and a phototransitor to sense the light. If there is a high voltage on the motor side of the board it cannot reach the other side since there is a physical gap (within reason).

    Google it...

    You could get round the 'problem' of having both the driver and interface board isolated by buffering it - few logic gates, maybe not even that. Or even pop open the driver and bypass the isolation with a bit of wire! Kind of defeats the object of buying it ready made though, and you're increasing propagation delay which may/may not be significant.

  5. yes it can be used with stepper drivers that have optically isolated inputs.
    Any driver that is worth buying has optos built in.

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    I was going to use these stepper drive units. It does mention opto-isolation. Will they be ok?


    Also whats the reasoning that I can't use the opto-isolation. I've googled it but seems to be no-reasoning. In what solution would you use opto-isolation?


  7. They work fine with the CIB.

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    I wasn't thinking last night, disregard what I said earlier. I posted this diagram somewhere on the forum a while ago which shows how to do it:


    see post #22

  9. Connecting the CIB to any of our drivers is very simple.
    Connect pin 9 (5V+) to the positive side of the Clock, direction and enable and then connect pin 5 to the Puls, Pin 3 to the Direction and pin 1 to the enable (Free-)

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