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    Quote Originally Posted by Web Goblin View Post
    if you are after some morse taper sleeves I have some if you are interested.
    Thanks for the offer. I'm sorted now though - went to the ex-company that sold me the lathe to see what tools I could get. He had an amazing amount of stuff. I spent two hours rummaging, could easily have spent more. I got 7 quick change tool holders, 4 Morse taper sleeves, lots of new and a few used milling cutters (maybe 25), coolant hose, 20L bottle of coolant, knurling tool, mitoyo digital calliper, 3 V-blocks, pair of parallels, some carbide inserts, couple of standard carbide lathe cutters and probably some more I've forgotten. All for 200.

    He had lots of different oils but I've already got the stuff for the lathe and didn't want to have barrels of the stuff.

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    I've now set up the coolant on the lathe and replaced the old hose thing with the modern flexible hose, so no leaks now, had to make an adapter for it:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also in that photo is the new 4 jaw self centring chuck I got for a good price via eBay. The run-out 100mm from the chuck is 0.04mm approx. That's generally negligible.

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    EDIT: I must have been looking at the wrong page in this thread when I wrote this so this post is a bit of a duplicate!

    I somehow missed the last post here...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Wilding View Post
    Even if the lathe is old it does not mean it has had it. Just look at the old DSGs and Halifax lathe in the mech eng toolroom at the uni!
    I would if I was allowed in! That's the problem with doing Electrical Engineering...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Wilding View Post
    I am sure you will enjoy taking cuts with a machine with a bit of meat.
    Yep, now I've used it a fair bit I'd say it seems as good as the Harrisons (M250 & M350) at school. I've not cut anything too ambitious on it yet though, so we'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Wilding View Post
    The saddle also has T slots which are great for boring jobs.
    Why are they useful for boring? It's not something I've come across. I've got a travelling steady for it now which fits in the T slots.

    The coolant I got works well. It's not caused any rust yet and I've been using it liberally I've also put tools in 7 of the holders which makes changing tools very quick.

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    great for line boring between centers for a good parallel bore.

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    I managed to get a hold of a Colchester student 2 last weekend. I am in the process of getting some oil for the gear and head ( hence how I found this thread ) - and a new micro switch - can I ask how far up the glass you filled each with oil.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_W View Post
    can I ask how far up the glass you filled each with oil.
    Somewhere visible on the glass. Personally, I aim for just above the middle, but it's not an exact science, and lathes are hardly pushing the boundaries of the oil, so provided it's not majorly under or over you shouldn't have any problems.

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    Many thanks,

    Another question for Jonathan, you refer to a machine (old) spares supplier in Nottingham area - do you mind telling me where as I need a few tool posts.

    I normally would go to Rileys in Attercliffe in Sheffield - but your may be closer?

    I am specifically look for gears 22 and 28 teeth so I can get it to screw cut metric.


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    Er... where did I mention a supplier in Nottingham as I don't recall after reading this thread again?

    If you're stuck I might should be able to CNC mill those gears for you.

    I just filled just over half way - no idea what you're supposed to do and as m_c said I doubt it makes much difference. Probably about time I put some more in...I think the late is slightly noisier than when I bought it.

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    Sorry my mistake - it was where you bought yours from you got the extra bits.

    Many thanks for the offer re CNC ... I will hunt ebay for a while ins tread of troubling you, but gain thanks.


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    Hello Jonathan

    I found this forum to get more information about English lathe Colchester Student 6''
    I am presently happy owner of this lathe and trying find some technical support from you guys.
    According oil shell tellus 27 and 33. On my lathe is written on the labels that I should use tellus 33 in the head-stock and gearbox. In the instruction is written that 27 is for headstock, 33 for gearbox.
    Any ideas why on my labels in written 33 for headstock and gearbox?
    I called to shell representatives and they give my offer for new oil correspondent to old types. Their recommendation is Shell TELLUS S2 M 46 (for 27) and Shell TELLUS S2 M 68 (for 33).
    I bought lathe only with one back plate and after measuring I can confirm that mine is long taper L0.
    First problem I have: Every time a screwing and unscrewing backlpate to the spindle nose I can see spindle runout, one time is there and other time is gone. The taper looks good and the nut is well screwed.
    I probably will need to get or make some spares to reduce slack on the longitudinal feed handle and cross feed handle.
    My lathe was imported by German or Belgium company so is already metric converted (good for me)
    Serial numbers showing me that the production date could be around middle 60's.
    I have straight bed with gearbox for metric and English thread. My gears on the side 21T, 120T and 35T. In the instruction I found one more 42 T. For what is this one?

    Thanks for your support and sorry if I translate incorrect some technical words.
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