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The acetal nuts sound interesting, how will you cut the thread?
Hi Ian,

If you join the Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hf47158toCNC_Moderated/ and look in the files section you will find drawings by Brian Pitts for anti-backlash nuts for the X1. something similar should be possible for the X2. Andy Birkett describes making them here. The alternatives are screwcutting on the lathe or......A clever way of making acetal nuts is shown here

Yes, fitting the z-axis leadscrew to the SuperX2 is a bit more difficult. I don't like the idea of counterweights and would like to fix the leadscrew as far forward as possible, preferably near the centre of gravity of the head to eliminate the rocking. Perhaps by moving the motor out to the side? I'll have to see how the belt drive is arranged when the machine arrives.