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    Check out how the modularity of 80/20's T-slotted profiles allowed for exact positioning of the attached components.

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  2. LOL!

    I cannot believe someone went to all that trouble to develop and programme that system just to get 99% accuracy on a console game!

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    Do you get the feeling these guys have way too much free time?
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    in a word YES! lol

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    Impressive effort by these guys - quite a bit of work. I don't know how guitar hero works, but I know how real guitars work and there is a bit too much latency in the system - playing behind the beat quite a bit. Its a shame, because they are almost there, they have a little bit of look-ahead to get the notes right, but the response to plucking is too slow.

    Could be relatively easily sorted using a Kalman filter to keep an internal, regular "beat", with adaptations for any tempo changes within or between songs - you know, like a human does!

    Oooops - thread is 11 years old - how's that for timekeeping!
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