Hi there,

I'm Nick, 31 and currently in Utrecht, Holland where i work as a carpenter. I've been doing various bits of carving and decorative woodwork in the past and now that I expect to be moving to Nottinghamshire, hope to meet with people who are into building some machines together.

In Utrecht we have a Fab Lab which is amazing. I hear there's one in Manchester so I hope it takes off in the UK. It is criminal how England's once proud manufacturing legacy has been all but forgotten; its not like this in Holland and Germany where there are a lot of young people with small workshops.

I want to build my own CNC router eventually, and possibly even help get a Fab Lab going in the Nottinghamshire area if people are interested. I heard they were going to get one going in Sheffield which would be good.

Also interested in if anyone else has read the 'homebrew industrial revolution' blog particularly chapter 5. http://homebrewindustrialrevolution.wordpress.com/ Very interesting stuff.