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    Open to any offers.

    I have for sale Digimeas 5020. This is a 50V 20A power supply with variable current limit and voltage. Useful for selecting the correct voltage supply during testing etc, also useful to stop things smelling of electrical death when first testing etc...

    Open to offers.... P&P will be about 10.....

    Hope this is of interest... any questions please ask....


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  3. Why didn't you advertise it last week before I just bought one ?
    John S -

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    Sorry... can you return it ;o) lol..... hope you got a good deal? as these supplies can be steep.....


    P.S. I have a great deal on a monster PC, UPS and other toys.... don't miss out on that lol....
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    I've made an offer, fingers crossed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I've made an offer, fingers crossed!
    Ive replied...... think its good news lol....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmybristol View Post
    Ive replied...... think its good news lol....
    Sounds like an offer I can't refuse! I'll need a loan at this rate :lol:, though a significantly smaller one than if I'd bought new. I think the 26:1 geared servo motor would be suitable for me too...

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    Well Its good for me as well.... at least it is going to someone who will get some more use out of it.... PM me if your interested in the servo in sure that we can work something out.....


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    Sold for 100.00

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