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    do you have an MPG for your CPU card? If so what one?



  2. Ian, yes i do have an MPG, its one i made my self.

    I bought the encoder off e-bay and got a small aluminium box from Maplin with some push buttons, the buttons act as Play & Pause but also function as Zero the DRO (individual axis) and Axis Select.


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    Would you mind posting a schematic of it if you have one? I have been looking around for a drawing to have a go at making one.


  4. i dont have any schematics, but its pretty self explanatory anyway. theres only 8 wires needed. 2 for each button + & - for power to the encoder and a wire to the A and B outputs on the encoder its self.. in the USBCNC manual it shows how what pins you need to wire!

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    Unfortunately I havent gotten that far through the manual yet! There are a few encoders on ebay at the moment so I might try to get one of them and have a go.
    I have managed to get a few more hours on my build over the last few nights and I nearly have the control panel finished. I have decided to wire my limit switches through relays supplied at 24VDC and just switch the 5vdc from the BOB. I have them to fit and connect up then it will be ready for a first power up.


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    I take it that the green led on the CPU4 card is the one that says the card is talking to the pc?
    Can't get it to flash except for a few flashes after I plug in the usb cable although the power led does stay on. I can't get anything to work and all the limit and stop leds on the usb software are red, so it looks like no comms. Think I will go for reinstalling usbcnc to see if that helps.
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  7. Not to sure on the cpu4 board, have you installed the drivers when you installed the usbcnc software? Try the latest software also

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    Are the drivers included in the software download? I used the latest stable version of the software, not the beta one.
    One thing I just thought of is that I got this pc from work. I had asked for a clean basic Windows install but they might have stuck some of their security crap on it and it might be blocking the com port.

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    Managed to get it running. There was still some security installed on the pc which is now gone so USBcnc can see the com port now and is talking to the CPU4 card.

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    Is there a way to run only the z axis for exactly one revolution? My original measurements of the thread pitch for the screw are wrong so I would like to run the drive for one turn and measure the distance travelled with my dti.



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