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    Is there a way to run only the z axis for exactly one revolution? My original measurements of the thread pitch for the screw are wrong so I would like to run the drive for one turn and measure the distance travelled with my dti.
    Just tell it to move a distance equal to the pitch of the thread, then it will do one turn and you can measure.

    Alternatively use any distance, measure the actual distance and that gets you a ratio. You can then scale the pitch value you entered from that - hopefully it'll be a recognisable number.

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    How do you find the usbcnc? I'm thinking of getting the CPU5 card with the Ethernet.


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    I think I will have to try it that way to get it right. I had thought the pitch was 5mm but the distance travelled is not correct. I was hoping to be be able to turn the drive 1 turn and measure the distance travelled which would have given me my pitch.

    usbcnc seems to be very good but I have only started using it. The only thing I have found so far that I dont like is that the X and Y axis controls in the jog pad are the wrong way round from what I am used to. X goes from left to right and Y is up and down. I havent found a way to change this yet.

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    Does it have the watchdog output on the card you have? If so what is it for.


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    The watchdog output is sort of an "everything is ok" output on this card I think. I have this circuit on one of our profiling machines at work and it checks things like CPU comms, power supply voltages. If everything is ok it allows the machine to start working.

    I have had some problems with Homing the machine but I think I have that sorted out now. To start with it would not complete the second move and drive back off the limits but I have this working now. But after the machine is homed I can still jog it through the limit switches even though I have the box ticked for using the home switches as limits and also if I try to run on of the demo files as a job it then asks me to Home the machine again. I can get round this by turning the Homing required off and the machine will run ok. I have emailed Bert but I think he may be on holiday as he hasnt replied for a few days. Have you seen anything like this before?



  6. Ian, can you take a screen dump of your settings page and email it to me? i will PM u my address ;)

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    Thanks very much for the help. I might not get to the machine again till tomorrow. Working all day today and going out tonight. I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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    Quick question.......I've just got my CPU5 Card and I have a quick question. When I measure with my multimeter between pins 14 and 23 so the spindle on-off output and ground.

    I am connecting this to a relay but I'm intrested how this works because when I hit the ON button on the PC the voltage hits a perfect 6mv but when I turn the button off it blips around? Have a look at the video? Is this correct?


  9. Ant, am i mistaken but should you not be using Pin 1 and 23 to turn the spindle on/off?

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    Yeah sorry! I was soon something else at the same time. Is it normal that the voltage bounces about? I thought that powering any relays or anything it was either off or on if you get my drift?

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