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    I'm just sorting a PC out to run the USBCNC Software BETA V3.53 software. I want a pretty compact computer maybe one of the mini ITX boards. My only worry is the graphics driver. Have you found any issues with a minimum spec pc?


  2. You should be fine with that motherboard Ant. im running USBCNC on a really old MB with on board graphics and that copes fine!

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    I'm hoping you can help.

    As I previously discussed I have the CPU5A4E Economy 4 axes with Ethernet card. I'm a little confused what to set the Watchdog jumpers too and what each of the settings mean. Some of the documentation isn't very clear I'm thinking they forget some us don't know everything about "electronics"


  4. Ant, how have you got your board powered? are you using a lead from your PC's usb to power it or externally? if its externally (powering it via the D-SUB25) then you need to set the upper jumper to the right! if via the usb then the upper jumper to the Left.

    As for the lower jumper i have got mine set to NPN Safe (to the Right)

    So basically my jumpers are configure the same as the picture in the manual, dont forget that if you are powering with a separate 5v supply through the D-SUB then you will need to solder the to little pins on the back ( bridge them across )

    If you are looking at the board on the reverse face and have the D-SUBs facing up then the bridges (on the back of the board) will be running from the top pin to the bottom for both sets of pins.

    If ur powering via USB then leave these as when you got the board and set the watchdog top jumper to the left!

    Any body correct me if im wrong but this is how i have setup my board and it works a treat!


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    Do you have any idea what PNP and NPN mean?

    I'm powering via the usb but I have the connection from the CNC board to a CIB breakout board. I think I'm having problems with the connection between the two cards as the breakout board has its own 5v supply.

    Have you connected your stepper drives to the 25 sub connector from the CNC Card or connected to something else?

    Cheers for the help,

  6. How i think of it is NPN = PN 24v(P) dropping to 0v(N) when outputting PNP = NP 0v(N) rising to 24v(P) when outputting.

    I would ditch the CIB and get yourself one of these Dsub25

    Then you can wire direct to your stepper drives, im using servo drive/motors but the same applies to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antsals View Post
    Do you have any idea what PNP and NPN mean?
    Sounds like types of transistors to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by AdCNC View Post
    I would ditch the CIB and get yourself one of these Dsub25
    Seems expensive for what it is? I would happily make you one for about half that :naughty:. I have already got the required connectors etc, just a matter of making the PCB which is simple enough.

  8. There ya go Ant, Jonathan will knock you one up, winner!

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    I already have some of these to wire in the terminals. Bought them from rs a while back they are great.

    Thanks for the offer though!

    Gary from Zapp automation has been helping out a few things to try over the weekend.


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    Quote Originally Posted by antsals View Post
    Thanks for the offer though!
    No worries, if anyone else reads this and wants one then my offer still stands.

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