I'm doing a motorcycle project and have purchased a Clarke CMD10 mill to make some small aluminium components for it. I haven't done any milling since I was at college over 35 years ago ! I've been using CAD programs for many years and have produced models for engineering firms to make parts for me. However I want to do some parts myself for the enjoyment of doing them, saving some money ( !!:heehee: ) and getting the part when I want it rather than waiting for many months. Besides doing some manual milling I want to convert the mill to CNC perhaps using parts from http://www.diycnc.co.uk/index.html and http://www.cncfusion.com/micromill1.html

I'm hoping that forum members will be able to advise me on machining problems and the conversion of my mill to 3 axis CNC.

Starting off does anyone know if the Sieg X1 kit from CNCFUSION will fit the Clarke CMD10 ? - I'm told its the same or very similar but marketed under a different name ?
(I'll contact CNCFUSION and ask them as well)

I'll obviously go to the correct forum but thought it would be nice to introduce myself to you all and apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge of this new hobby for me. I will no doubt end up asking some very silly questions !

Also for the moderators I've registered for this forum from Germany where I'm away at work for a couple of days so my IP address might look strange compared to the address on my profile.