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    We have revamped our web site shop-apt.co.uk We supply Carbide Inserts for Turning, Milling, Threading, Grooving & Parting. Our range of low cost Carbide Inserts for Aluminium & non-ferrous materials are popular with model makers and hobby machinists, please keep in mind that these inserts are for soft materials only.

    We also supply a wide range of Low Cost Indexable Lathe Turning Tool-holders, Boring Bars, Milling Tools & U-Drills.

    Associated Production Tools Ltd
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    Great site, lots of useful parts...however it looks like I have to order in lots of 10. Is it possible for me to buy smaller quantities? Ideally I would buy one of each that I'm interested in, then if they are good buy 10. I think this would make you more popular with 'model makers and hobby machinists'!

    Good to see that the postage is reasonable.
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    Hi thanks for the feedback, yes except for threading inserts they are sold in 10's. I will send you a PM.

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