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    Hi All

    I'm only after something around 2ft by 3ft, and had thought of a kit, but after enquiring with one supplier found there kit needed lathe and milling work done to finish it, which is fine if you have lathe and milling machine, but if not it's tough. I did ask about a price of just the kit, and how much extra to have the lathe and milling work done, but only got a price on the kit so guess they don't do the other work.

    So I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of anywhere that sells full kits, or somewhere I can obtain plans with a full list of parts needed in the UK

    Many thanks

    J Don

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    I'm at the stage of gathering all the parts required for my build, my 1st machine. Its frame is MDF and therefor will be limited on what you can cut with it. But i see it as a start and i can if i wish, reuse most of the parts on a ali frame later. This web site is mainly devoted to the "book machine" and has videos of the build etc--



    he is based in the USA, but all parts or similar are available here

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    Hi Dean

    Thanks for that, lots to read and not to techie so easy to udnerstand.


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