1. Hello everyone,nice to meet you all.Now we all very familiar to cnc router,do you know laser machine too?Laser machine include many different tyoe,for example CO2 laser,YAG laser and so on.Now the most popular is the CO2 laser,equiped with different laser power the machine can do many many works.For example,40-60W most suit for engraving and 80W--150W more suit for cutting,the suitable machine include wood,acrylic,MDF,glass,stone,fabric and all non-metal materials.

    In fact I am a professional saler of cnc router and laser machine.My name is Jack Song and I come from MORN in China,our website is www.morntech.com welcome everyone come to visit us.We provide good quality machine with low price.

    I have many kindly customer in UK,they are all very gentlemanlike and friendly.But they told me,many peole have not a correct idea to Chinese product.They think Chinese products with not as good quality as they anticipant.Some time it is the truth,it can not compare with Europe or America ones.But if you compare with the price,you could find Chinese products with the best cost performance.If we speed 1000USD to buy a machine from China,surely we can not request its quality is better than from USA at USD10000,do you think so?

    Now the Chinese technology are in fast developing,the quality of most products are much better than before and the price are much lower.So I suggest it is a good choice to buy somthing from China,especially machine.After 1 try,you will know that actually.

    If you need any information or help,not only about cnc router and laser machine,please contact me freely,MORN and I will do our best for you.Welcome to everyone,yous Jack from MORN IN China. My Email mornh@morntech.com

  2. Hi everyone,are you very well recently?Now I have post some machine photos,very popular in market.If anyone interest in,you could ask me formore information.A cheap but widely using laser engraving cutting machine MT3050D.

    Please check the attached photos.My Email:mornh@morntech.com Welcoem to you,yes,you!
    Click image for larger version. 

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