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    Hi there,
    I've seen this servo controller kit being offered by EAS Electronics and it uses a chip by UHU (google it, it's a bit odd but sounds promising). Anyway i e-mailed EAS about buying the basic board and a parts list. The parts list is too basic for me to work out as i'm not an electronics expert. i e-mailed them and they weren't overlly helpful with regards to part details. Has anybody this side of the pond built one? know anything about them? or able to make sense of it?


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    The UHU chip seems to be an Atmel Microcontroller with their label stuck on the outside, and presumably, their firmware on the inside.

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    If you go over to CNCZONE there is loads of info on UHU boards.

    I have four of the bare boards four chips and the crystals supplied by Uli (the original designer).

    I now have some AC servo's so no longer require the UHU, if you are interested in them let me know.


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    Andy do you still have those boards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkchabot View Post
    Andy do you still have those boards?
    Hi Sorry for the delay in replying I did'nt see the post!

    Yes I still have the boards



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