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    Hi my name is Lee, obviousley new to the forum. I am looking for someone / or a small company who can make some plastic panels for me, at a reasonable cost. If all goes to plan their will be plentiful repaet orders for the same panels. I cannot give too much detail as to the size of the panels, but i know that they will be clear plastic acrylic, with a top coat of paint (grey - colour code RAL 7011) they will then need to be engraved with text. Also round holes for switches.

    I do not have CAD drawings at the moment, but i have hard copies of the panels. If anyone on the forum would be interested in what i hope is a good oppurtunity for both of us, then please email me l_elcocks@hotmail.co.uk or private message me on this forum.

    I am based in the midlands, not too far away from wolverhampton

    Thaks for reading.

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    I should be able to cut these for you. I've sent you an email...

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    Ive checked my email, not recived anything from you....yet



  4. PM buddy ;-)

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