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    Hello there, I am about to embark on an mdf constructed router build, I have sorted out the mechanical design but I am finding it difficult to match electronics under my budget. my maching will be using 10mm leadscrew (this) and I am thinking of using these: motors, driver and power supply the theme of these parts being, big motors cheap everything else. these parts come to around 135 my budget is around 150 ish. I wish to cut mdf and perhaps some aluminium. though I am not too worried about the speed at which I can do those things. So finally my questions ! Are these parts good enough for my application? Is there something that I can get that will be better that will fit my budget? Are these motors overkill? If I go smaller I can upgrade the other components etc. generally recommend me some cheap but reliable cnc electronics and in return I will do a detailed build log :).

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    Hope someone answers your questions as it would help me out too.

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    Not sure about the motor driver but I dont think you are going to get decent 24VDC 15Amp power supply for 20. If your power supply isnt stable its going to create lots of problems for you.


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