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    I have a 1989 takasawa mac v2e vmc, I recently had issues with air flow, being that my compressor wasnt big enough. I have got round this but I have also found something that could be in need of attention. When the machine is in the middle of a tool change and the pull stud clamp is open, it exhausts a hell of a lot of air out the back through the small filter, is this normal? can it be adjusted? This is the main cause of my compressor struggling to keep up, if I could lower the amount of air it wastes then it would ease the job of the compressor.

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    Hi jay

    I see you are in Selston, I'm over in Huthwaite I could have a ride over if you like and take a look can't promise anything but two heads and all that!!

    Just send me a PM with your number and i will give you a call.



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