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    Hi All..

    Bought this to make some plates for my new cnc but only used half of it. Have a cert of conformity to go with it. Still has the plastic coating (although that has a few scratches).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Steve

    That looks pretty useful for my router bed. It looks like just 'normal' aluminium plate, or is it tooling plate?

    Just worked out that's 66Kg, probably too much to post...the best I can find is 24 plus VAT but only up to 50kg, or 60 plus vat up to 1000kg.

    How much do you want for it? My Dad might be nearby soon, so might be able to collect.


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    Hi Jonathan..

    80.. The whole piece cost me 220 Including del.. This is exactly half of the original plate, and minus delivery, so reckon that's fair.. Will dig out the cert as cant remember which grade it is..


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    Hi Jonathan..

    Think you might have overestimated the weight.. Will weight it in the morning for you..


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    Quote Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
    Think you might have overestimated the weight.. Will weight it in the morning for you..
    Yep, I got that completely wrong! For some reason I used the density for steel, not aluminium. That makes it 22.5kg, which is much more reasonable. Using the cheapest for that mass is 10.67 including vat (City Link standard). I take it you are prepared to post it?

    I'll have a think and get back to you soon. Ideally I would want 2000x950mm for my machine, but I'll go for less to save money. I just need to check how well it will fit. If you can find what grade it is that would be nice, but not critical. As long as it's not impossible to machine I'm happy...

    Thank you,

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    Just had a thought. I've got a transformer that will output 40V, so rectified that's about 55v (including the diode forward voltage). I could add the components to make a power supply for your steppers and maybe we could do a deal? The transformer is plenty big enough, would be sufficient for about 5 of your steppers I think ... will work out properly how many in a bit.
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    Sounds like we could do something there.. Motors can take 60v and are rated at 5.5amps.. Will only be running two of them with this supply, I have another psu for the others.. Am not so savvy with electronics so would appreciate if you could rig it to plug and play for me?


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    Yes I would make it plug and play - just let me know how long you want to mains wire and wire for the switch ... that's about it. I would make it so that all you need to do is connect two wires to a terminal block. I'm not really sure how much I want for it - an equivalent transformer is 95 plus vat new at Farnell, but one that would be sufficient for your two steppers is 31 (at rapid electronics) plus a few quid for the capacitors, rectifier, switch. It will be 6 to post mine.

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    I hear you.. I dont mind paying a little more for your psu, as its sounds a good bet for the future.. Let me know how much you want for it and we will go from there..
    1.5 meters mains cable is plenty, although I have a reel of this so could do that bit myself.. The psu's are plugged into an e-stop so switch should not be an issue either..


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    PM sent...

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