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    Can you tell me where abouts in China so i can pop over and have a look please... LOL but seriously could you give a little more information.
    VoltagesAC220~240VAC208~230VAC100~110VAC220~240VAC 208~230VAC100~110VFrequency50Hz60Hz50/60Hz50Hz60Hz50/60HzCurrent1.4~2.1A3.5~5.6A1.4~2.1A3.5~5.6ARefrige rating output2361Btu/h2999Btu/h2866Btu/h2361Btu/h2999Btu/h2866Btu/hRefrigerantR-134aRefrigerant weight300g320g280g300g320g280gCapacity6LInlet and outlet holdOutside dimensions 10mm brass connectorInside dimensions 8mm speedy connectorMax pumping lift10M100MN.W26Kg29KgG.W31Kg34KgDimensions (LXWXH)55 X 28 X 43 cmPackying dimensions (LXWXH)71 X 41 X 62 cm
    cnc router,laser machine msn/email:

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    Speaking from experience there buddy lol :whistling:

    I think the device mentioned by jnzkcnc is going to be more expensive than a pump and bucket of special water...we don't actually need to control the temperature, just keep it low.

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