Not quite a build log as I'm almost there but still a bit to do ;)

Lots of bits and a vague idea of what I'm actually doing

All mounted on a board ready for testing

After a few...ok quite a lot of false starts, some head scratching and some help from Hood on the mach3 support's alive...ALIVE

The idea is to get everything mounted up, then redo all the mounts again properly once it's working.
X axis springs to life.

Y axis in, lets cut something....errr NO...get the pen out ;)

Hmmm, not much room...where to put the electronics? In the cupboard :) My bench goes all along the wall in front of the cupboard door, with a slide out section so I can get to the cupboard when needed. Yes it still needs tidying ;p

Screen on the cupboard door with a "modified" tilt/turn/swivel mount

Ahhh, all neat and tidy (yes it is ;p ) with some very makeshift swarf guards over the steppers, when the new mounts are made they will be boxed in with ali sheet.

Z mount all designed and ready to cut, but lets try it with the pen nervous...NAH ;) Couple of false starts on how to zero, but Hood came through again.