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    I thought rollers were used as per this link
    Roll forming is possibly the method of choice for mass-production where a big order justifies spending a lot on custom tools which produce that shape and no other.

    In this next video, a roll forming line is shown making "small wave" corrugations.

    Now, since I only want a dozen panels for my own DIY then roll forming may be out.

    There may be no roll forming line which produces the profile I want or there may be only one suitable roll forming line in the world but no competitive pressure on the company to charge reasonable prices for small orders and so they can charge what they like, (MN - Germany, 600 per sheet) more than I can afford.


  2. Is this thread still going ???? You could have filed them from a solid block in this time! Peter :LOL:

    BTW why the triple digit precision ?

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